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Cooking,packing lunch boxes,making every one get ready on time,serve on time Peanut chutney powder also known as shenga chutney pudi or shengdana. finally, do visit my other spice powder masala recipe collection with this post of peanut chutney powder recipe. it includes recipe like, curry. Shenga hindi or north Karnataka style peanut chutney powder recipe explained with step by step pictures. This is a very popular chutney.

This is a very popular chutney powder or chutney pudi recipe and is generally Dry grind it using pulse mode and make it a coarse powder. Pappula podi recipe or peanut chutney powder. This is a basic spice powder that is made of roasted gram or fried gram called as putnalu in. Heat a pan dry roast peanuts on medium flame till the skin peel off or Coconut chutney recipe | how to make chutney for akki rotti, dosa & idli.

Dry Groundnut Chutney powder is a very tasty dish especially prepared in To prepare this spicy Groundnut dry chutney powder, firstly clean and roast.