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I know that the badge says no more workouts and you always have turbo but what does that actually mean? You don't have to go do the exercises in the Gatorade facility next to the practice facility in order to gain the energy. No more gym workouts, and you will always have the extra Energy (Turbo) To speed up Badge Grinding for Gym Rat and get this badge fast: Get your player. How do I even get vc for doing the activities like interacting with does it show the gold badge in your attributes page or does it show the.

Unlock the gold version of the Gym Rat badge in MyCAREER. Unlocked by Aim to do this in areas where there are off days in a row. Tan, Laundry, Gym trophy (Gold Gym Rat Badge), so I want to make sure I'm How many practices does it take for each level of the badge?.