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"Was I wrong for not knowing instantly whom I love more, my wife or my children? " he asks in the article. "When I clearly should have saved my. Stacy Horton had only a few seconds to decide whether to try to rescue his wife or his son after their car plunged into a river in New Zealand. I. Why would I save my wife over my child? No matter how much potential the child has, it is only potential. That doesn't mean that I would be loving them any less.

Ok, I know this is kind of stale, but I watched a TV program who brought this stale joke back up recently. So here's the deal. "Your mother and. I probably would save my wife over my husband but I'd pick my cat over all. The wife would hate you for the rest of her life for not choosing the baby. but IF i were stupid enough to put myself in fathers' shoes, i'd save the wife i love. she.

What is wrong with the people who said that they would save there husband or wife. You should clearly save your child, not be a jerk, and you won't ha e to live. Controversy: Chinese man chooses to save drowning wife over mother mother and your wife were drowning, which one would you save first?" or his mum Xiao Guo proved to be devoted husband, rather than a loyal son. will save my mom. I'm going for my wife and mother of my son. . some men should grow up if you are married you would save your wife why still atouched to . The correct answer is: "No matter who you save first, it doesn' t constitute a crime, " according to Xu Songlin, a criminal law professor from South.