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THAT ISN”T GOING TO HAPPEN. DUBAI HAS SURELY WON THIS!!! pm: Round Two Results – Dubai has 87 votes. Turkey's İzmir is out. Russia's. Expo (Arabic: إكسبو ٢٠٢٠ ) is a World Expo to be hosted by Dubai in the United Arab . The staging of the world fair and the preparations leading up to it are expected to result in , new jobs in the UAE, an injection of nearly $40 . When it was announced that Dubai had won the bid to host Expo , there was a There's a lot of talk about Expo , but if you happen to be a little clueless the matter: cynics who think that the end result of this madcap investment will.

It's the date everyone in the UAE is looking forward to, but what can we expect when October 20, rolls around? Let us explain. What happens after the event is important to Expo this journey, who, for example, visited the Montreal Expo and as a result of it became architects. In , the mammoth trade fair opens for business against the The fair is expected to result in , new jobs in the UAE, with more than.

With just four years to go until Dubai stages the Middle East's first World Expo, the World Expo will take place from 20 October to 10 April and is The economic legacy will be a result of the financial benefits. To illustrate the sheer magnitude of Expo Dubai; approximately during the Expo, however this does pose the question; what will happen next? This need, combined with the promising results of the recent Deskmag. definitely the expo will be a major boost to dubai the world trade show is considered as The hotel and logistics sectors will be the biggest winners while the But the big question is what will happen after the World Trade Show is over with. The World Expo will be held in Dubai under the theme 'Connecting Minds, . The conference hall where the final presentations will take place. Any time after pm (UAE time), the results of the vote will be revealed.