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Middle-class incomes in the US were between about $ to $ in , but the ranges shift at Portland, Oregon: up to $, A recent Pew Research Center study found the middle class declined in of cities nationwide, including Oregon's four metropolitan. "Will Hillary Clinton fight hard enough for the middle class?" economist (and former Labor Secretary Robert Reich asked earlier this month in.

Here's how much middle-class families make in different states AM ET Fri, 24 March | Pew Research Center, which defines a middle class household income as two-thirds to double . Beaverton, Oregon. Pew breaks down how much money three-person middle-class families earn across America. Beaverton, Oregon. Source: Town of Beaverton. Whether you're middle class depends on who's asking the question and how.

The median household income for Oregon was $ in median household income data will be released in December We have the opportunity to relocate to Salem, Oregon for a job. It pays nearly We are actually pretty middle class here!). If I take this job, we. Posts about middle class written by Josh Lehner. Report: Job Polarization in Oregon. Posted by: Josh Lehner on October 24, With a median income of $50,, a household in Oregon would have to earn between $33, and $, to be considered middle class.