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Hey guys what does it mean when you have "open headers" on your ride? But you would be better off getting a full exhaust with cutout's. previous comment get a full exhaust but in the end, its your car.. do as you want. open headers just dont have anything hooked to them -- extremely loud. BTW, the car in the video you showed does not have open headers, as you say i had a cummins l straight 6 and i wanted it to black fire like this i have alot of ideas for an engine but dont know where to look for all the.

What are the effects of open headers, and how long could I run it "daily" driving to . Like I said, just my opinion based on previous observation. I'm going for as load as I can make it, so any ideas? Open LONG tube headers = loud and smelly, but okay. Yeah. To make a long story watermarkrestaurantgananoque.com headers are TOO SHORT to run open because they're too close to the. Fumes would be a lot better and i think interior sound wouldn't be as hard on the ears. but would still have that loud roar and sound open.

We drive all over with open headers and have even sat lots of times right next to a cop at a light. Generally, as long as you are not acting stupid.