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Bacteria is a unicellular microscopic organism that is a prokaryote. It means that the body of bacteria is made up of one cell only and it is. Which best describes the speed of a ball as it is thrown straight up into the air and comes back down? the ball Which statement best describes a bacterial cell?. Most have cells that are unable to grow and survive in their environment. C. Most have . 32 Which statement best describes a bacterial cell? A.

J. It has a cell wall, cell membrane, and cytoplasm, but no nucleus. Mostly. Hundreds of thousands of bacterial species exist on Earth. They can be found in very diverse environments ranging from cold to hot and alkaline to acid. A bacterial cell is a microorganism that may be pathogenic or nonpathogenic. Bacterial cells come in a variety of shapes and sizes, such as rod shaped.

Bacteria cells are similar to your cells in many ways; yet, they also have distinct differences. Describe three features of a bacterial cell?. Bacteria are a type of biological cell. They constitute a large domain of prokaryotic .. The best studied of these are flagella, long filaments that are turned by a motor Classification seeks to describe the diversity of bacterial species by naming. Which of the following statements best describes bacterial plasmids? -They are found in the nucleoid. -They can replicate autonomously. -They carry genes for. It is important to note that the term 'bacillus' can describe the cell shape as well as bacteria in the genus Bacillus. The third bacterial shape is.