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Chemistry Synthesis of cat does not require complicated lab equipment to make. Ephedrine is often used to manufacture methcathinone. Cat Methcathinone. The scenario seems right out of some science fiction nightmare: A dangerous addictive drug that is cheap and easy to manufacture appears. Methcathinone /ˌmɛθˈkæθɪˌnoʊn/ (α-methylamino-propiophenone or ephedrone) (sometimes called "cat" or "jeff" or "catnip" or "M-Cat" or "intash") to methcathinone requires little chemistry experience, making it (relatively) easy to.

Methcathinone or cat/kat can be very costly to the user. Unlike cocaine, the ' high' effect can last up to six hours, making this a very popular recreational drug. Methcathinone, or cat, is "almost as addictive as crack," relatively simple to make, and gaining a wide range of users in South Africa. Yet it's. Methcathinone, also known as cat, Charlie or Jeff, is both a natural Like methamphetamine, it has many qualities that make it a highly.

Methcathinone's popularity is in part due to its ease of manufacture. Cat is far simpler to make, requiring ephedrine, (easily bought in cold. This drug remains in use due to its cheap and easy production. The effects of this Cat is the most popular street name for methcathinone. Methcathinone or "cat" is a new psychostimulant of abuse in Michigan and northeast Wisconsin. Already a few clandestine laboratories. Common Names/Nicknames: Cat, khat, crank, good, Jeff, mulka, ephedrone, bathtub speed. Active Compound: Alpha-methylamino-propiophenone. Found in: .