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There's a quick but memorable moment in the movie Back to . But they couldn't yet build a real auto-lacing shoe, so they simulated one. Fans of "Back to the Future" can finally own self-lacing shoes just like Marty McFly's — that is, if they're one of 89 lucky winners in Nike's online. Don't have five thousand dollars for a pair of Nike Mags? Update: John of CounterKicks tells me that the creator plans to bring the shoes to market in mid, which would be about two years after the people pledged money on Kickstarter. Nike has the patent on autolacing sneakers.

Power Laces- the Auto Lacing Shoe: Welcome new visitors! My pairs have a handy little rubber part at the back and I trimmed the metal to approximate the. Get your Power Laces from 'Back to the Future: Part II' from BttF 2 that you can buy or even make yourself: Marty McFly's auto-lacing shoes. Nike's new self-lacing shoes followed the design of the worn by Michael J. Fox, have been recreated by the company, equipped with lights.

You'll Never Get One of 89 Pairs of 'Back to the Future' Shoes But these new Nike Mags incorporate the same lacing engine and the same. Nike announced that its self-lacing shoe, the HyperAdapt , will sell for $ Fans have been eagerly awaiting the debut of Nike's self-lacing sneakers. of the self-lacing shoes worn by Marty McFly in "Back to the Future. Self-tying shoes are designed to automatically tighten once the user puts them on . Such shoes were initially depicted in the science fiction film Back to the The HyperAdapt does not have any real laces, but embedded actuators that.