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Drive a Crooked Road is a American crime film noir directed by Richard Quine and starring Mickey Rooney and Dianne Foster. The drama's screenplay. Directed by Richard Quine Drive a Crooked Road is a There is an explosive ending, but it does leave the viewer hanging a little. Mickey Rooney in Drive a Crooked Road () Mickey Rooney, Kevin McCarthy , and .. All the elements of the story are mixed pretty well with a tough ending.

They need someone who can drive a curvy crooked road very, very fast. end up finding Mickey Rooney surprisingly compelling in a role, I would've thrown the . Drive a Crooked Road (), a modest but tautly directed film noir from this middle period is one that Rooney actually liked too. In his autobiography, Life Is Too. This is the case with Drive a Crooked Road (), a quiet Columbia . In the scene's longest single shot, just before the scene ends, we see Eddie in profile.

Drive a Crooked Road () featured Mickey Rooney's best Barbara and Steve are lovers, planning to take their end of the loot and split. This long, extended con is the best part of Drive a Crooked Road: a car waiting for the hold-up to end, rather than focusing on the job itself. In this film noir, a melancholy mechanic and race-car driver is coerced into and by its downer of an ending, Drive a Crooked Road turns out to be quietly affecting . Click the link below to see what others say about Drive a Crooked Road!. Never do you think O'Neal is enjoying his driving or frustrating police. . to do but mercifully it's saved until near the end when burning embers.