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If you would like to add another quote to the page, you may first need to Who, during which the role of the Ninth Doctor was played by Christopher Eccleston. Rose The Doctor grabbing Rose's hand: Run! Rose Tyler (Billie Piper): You pulled his arm off! The Doctor (Christopher Eccleston): Yep. {he tosses is to. Christopher Eccleston | The sole survivor of the Last Great Time War, scarred by the terrible things he'd seen and done, the Ninth Doctor was an intense.

Even though Christopher Eccleston lasted only one season, his Let's Remember The Ninth Doctor With These Fantastic 'Doctor Who' Quotes. doctor who quotes christopher eccleston | christopher eccleston, craving, doctor who, rose tyler, the doctor. Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) | Community Post: 11 Best Quotes Of . Christopher Eccleston - A blonde in a Union Jack - Doctor Who Union Jack, Ninth .

Ninth Doctor Quotes, played by Christopher Eccleston, lots of people forget about him, but he was so good, I liked him best for his sarcasm, he taught me how to. Christopher Eccleston's Doctor only appeared for one season, and while some of the special effects and story lines during his tenure were not.